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About Me

I am Charles Dunlap, an Online Entrepreneur, Motivator, and Affiliate Marketer. I love to help others get started with their own online business ventures. Helping others has been my calling since I have started my own online business venture. 

Getting started as an affiliate marketer has been a fun learning experience for me and one that I have a passion to share with others. Building is in my blood! Construction is where I started, and I started with some online courses for project management. I had no experience doing anything online! But My Interest has peeked and as they say, "The rest is history!" I was hooked and knew I would create my future with Internet Marketing! And that it was going to be my goal to help Others do the Same.

Creating a Learning Site has been a Goal for me, and Helping Educate Other People is and will remain a Top Priority. I struggled to learn and want to ease the learning curve for those who are ready to create the change for their future!

Charles Dunlap